How to prospect and generate leads from your social network

How to prospect and generate leads from your social network

Getting the right leads to grow your business is always a challenge. Let’s look at the parameters that are used in lead qualification.

  • Account attributes
    • Industry
    • Location
    • Employee Count
    • Revenue
  • Lead attributes
    • Department
    • Seniority level

With account based marketing (ABM), the entire sales process is being redefined. The first step in ABM is to identify the accounts which the company wants to focus on. Once the accounts are identified, the next step is to get the leads in those accounts. The SDRs would then initiate the selling process. Here is the challenge. What is the quickest way to get leads with specific attributes for an account?

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.25.10 AM

With Saleslift’s Social Prospector chrome extension, it is possible to do this in a few minutes. Once installed, the social prospector extension sits right on your LinkedIn page and integrates with the advanced search feature. Use the LinkedIn advanced search feature, key in the lead attributes like keywords, title, account name and filter contacts that match your search criteria. From here, you can get the contact details of the people listed on the search results page one by one. All the added contacts will be automatically added to your list which can be accessed from

And guess what, the chrome extension is forever free. So what are you waiting for, install the chrome extension from here, create your FREE account and get started!