How to find someone’s business e-mail address in less than a minute

How to find someone’s business e-mail address in less than a minute

If you are a B2B Marketer, Sales Rep or Account Executive, getting the email address of a prospect is an important step in your lead generation effort. Various techniques have evolved for lead generation and are broadly classified into inbound and outbound. Inbound comprises of blogs, white papers, e-books, SEO and outbound techniques comprises of e-mail marketing, direct e-mail, cold calling and so on. No matter which technique you employ, getting the business email address takes lot of time and the cost involved is also high. That’s why we at Saleslift have developed a solution to help you find the email address of a person in under a minute.

How does it work?


Introducing Saleslift Social Prospector a chrome extension that helps you find the email address from any LinkedIn profile. Once you install the extension from the chrome store, login to your Saleslift account. Whenever you visit a profile in LinkedIn, you will see a clear call to action to get the contact details. Once you click on this button, we process the information and if we are able to get the contact’s email address, it will be displayed within a few seconds.


How good is the email quality?

We understand the importance of email validity and make sure that we give you the right email address. In the above screenshot, beside the email address you will notice a thumps up icon. If the colour is green, then we are pretty sure that the email address is correct. However, if it is yellow, then we believe it is the right email address based on the other email address available for this domain. But we want to make sure we are passing the right information to you so that you can decide on how to use this email address.

What if we cannot find the email address?

If we cannot find the email address of a contact, then we don’t do any guess work. As explained earlier, email validity is very important and we will let you know in a transparent manner that we could not the find the email address.

What next

Here is a quick video help you get started. Install the chrome extension from here, create your FREE account and get started!